Facebook Biased Revealed: Suppressed Conservatives


Everyone knows that the leaders of Facebook are big supporters of the Democratic Party and especially to President Obama. Now former employees are releasing some troubling news about the bias of the company as well.

Former workers have stated that they routinely suppressed news from conservative points of view from the “trending” news area on Facebook.

The news section is highly influential to a lot of Facebook users because it allows them to see what everyone is talking about.

The former coworkers said that they would remove positive content about Mitt Romney in 2012 even though it was trending among active users.

For candidates and politics, it is in important to be in the news cycle and be seen. In the case of Facebook they are limiting the influence that conservatives can have on the platform while spreading the progressive news the company believes in.

The bigger picture is to look at the platform and how many people use it. Over a billion people use Facebook daily and it’s a place where millions of Americans get their daily news. Sometimes it is the only source.

Now imagine if those people are only getting half of the political news. Imagine if all the videos that were shared on Facebook about Donald Trump, only the ones that make him look like a racist and a bigot are allowed to be trending. Do you think that would have an effect on the perception of Donald Trump?

Here lies the problem for America, where do we get our honest news? Where can we get the truth?

The IRS targeted conservatives and now Facebook is doing the same thing and there will be a major backlash. This isn’t the last you’ve heard about this topic. Just don’t go on Facebook for updates, check back here.