Exclusive: Donald Trump Campaign in Trouble

donald trump

Despite consistently polling above 30% in national polls, business mogul Donald Trump’s run for the Republican presidential nomination appears to be doomed.

According to top political insiders familiar with the inner workings of the campaign, the polls are a shell that has created a façade of optimism for Trump supporters and has kept the billionaire candidate far from reality about his real chances.

“Trump has kept himself in a self-imposed bubble surrounded by ‘yes’ men,” lamented the source who requested anonymity.

While media mentions and coverage are good for campaigns, ground efforts, data and the mechanics of running a national campaign carry equal weight.

Trump, advised by his inexperienced campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has paid little to no attention to getting registered voters to show up at the polls.

The result of the inaction is on display at local gatherings of Trump supporters where it was disclosed that less than 10% of supporters are even registered to vote.

Those numbers should jolt a well-run campaign into panic mode, but the leader of Trump’s run, Lewandowski, appears to spend more time self-promoting and attacking on Twitter than he does managing the many moving parts of the organization.

“A campaign manager’s role is not to travel around with the candidate, tweeting and downing Red Bull’s,” stated the source, “They manage staff, crunch cast amounts of numbers each day and deploy strategies and techniques to garner more votes.”

Trump appears to have surrounded himself by types that reflect his demeanor but lack the experience and gravitas to boldly advise the candidate on the right actions to take and deploy them.

The Iowa Caucus is just a few weeks away and with Cruz gaining in the polls due to a hard fought ground game, Trump is unlikely to win the state or New Hampshire.

Unless Trump gets serious with his campaign and staff, after the South Carolina primary, Trump will be out of the running.

The candidate’s in-the-know supporters feel it’s time for Trump to drop his line on Lewandowski and bellow, “you’re fired!”

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.