Education Professional Issues Urgent Warning To Parents

School Indoctrination
"Teacher, but all I did was stand for the Pledge of Allegiance"

In his latest book, “The Corrupt Classroom,” Lance Izumi lays out evidence that public schools across the nation have been systematically taken over. Izumi is the Senior Director of Education Policy at the Pacific Research Institute

Izumi’s book proves that parents, “are rightly concerned about the growing politicization of the classroom.” His book details how, “political bias is becoming systemic in public school systems and has turned many public schools into indoctrination centers for progressive ideologies and causes.”

Izumi highlighted the example of Yvette Felarca. Felarca, the leader of By Any Means Necessary, a militant and radical group and a teacher at a middle school has been in the news and is seen making efforts to “galvanize a series of counter-protests in her hometown of Berkeley, California, against conservative figures.”

Izumi notes, “Felarca reportedly shoved a man to the ground at a demonstration in Sacramento,” Izumi explains. “The brawl resulted in seven people being stabbed. Felarca told the Mercury News that the First Amendment should not protect speech with which she disagrees and that she labels ‘hate speech.'”

He also citied instances where students were required to complete explicitly partisan and anti-Christian assignments. “Just as parents do not like teachers and school officials to favor one political candidate over another, so parents oppose the promotion of one religious faith over another,” Izumi says. “Yet, in public schools across America, teaching, curricula, and policies seem intended to disfavor Christianity and favor other religious faiths.”

He also warned of the LGBT agenda – to turn children into sexual objects. Izumi warns that schools are teaching and advocating for advanced and deviant sexual practices, under the guise of “health classes.” In one instance, a ninth-grader teacher in Fremont, Calif. distributed content that discussed vibrators, oral sex, female sterilization and other sexual techniques, Izumi wrote, “Not surprisingly, the textbook ignited outrage among parents in the school district, despite the socially liberal reputation of the San Francisco Bay Area,” and that, “Hundreds of people signed a petition to urge the Fremont school board to rescind its decision to use the textbook in ninth-grade health classes.”

Izumi notes that, such liberal sexual learning at such a young and turbulent age results in peer-to-peer bullying that approaches sexual assault. In his book, Izumi begs parents to pay attention to the crimes that happen at their children’s schools, and focus on their children’s safety, “There have been many instances of appalling crimes on school campuses, ranging from peer-to-peer bullying to classroom sexual assaults.”

Concluding, Izumi urged parents to have the proper perspective, and to take action. “A public school might have decent test scores, but if parents feel their children are being politically indoctrinated, are at risk of being victimized by other students or teachers, are being shortchanged because of mismanagement by school officials, or are having their basic value system overturned, then parents and their children should have the right and the tools to exit the public-school system for educational alternatives that better meet their needs and preferences.”

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.