Is This The Dumbest Comment Heard From a Lawmaker?


Eric Bolling, Fox News host, excoriated Maine Senator Angus King (I) on Tuesday, over what he called “the dumbest comment heard from a lawmaker in a very long time.”

Earlier on MSNBC, Senator Angus King, who caucuses with the Democrats, said that the only way he thinks could prevent terrorist attacks in a free society like the west, is to “lock everybody down” like in North Korea.

Angus’ comments came on the back of an attack in Paris, outside the Notre Dame cathedral, where a man armed with a hammer attacked a police officer while shouting, “This is for Syria.”

The investigation of the attack is now being handled by French counter-terrorism officials.

Bolling used the latest incident of apparent terrorism on “The Fox News Specialists” in his monologue on Tuesday’s show. He said:

“The war on terror must be waged as a real war with a real enemy. The enemy must be named. It’s radical Islamic terrorists. It’s all hands on deck. See something say something. Civil libertarians, hold your noses. We can’t let this slime creep into American streets. Surely, our lawmakers get this, right? They want to fight terror, right? Not lay down and roll over the jihadists and allow them to take hold here in America, right?”

Moving on, Bolling played Angus’ clip from earlier in the day.

“It’s very hard to prevent something like this in a free society,” King told MSNBC in the wake of the Notre Dame attack. “The only way to be fully secure is to lock everybody down and I don’t think any of us want to live in North Korea.”

Apparently, Bolling took an issue with King’s suggestion that only communist countries that had brutal dictators, such as North Korea’s Kin Jong-Un could prevent terror attacks.

“Let’s not lock everyone down,” Bolling rebutted.

Further elaborating on what King said, Bolling said, “Let’s not lock down our vetting. Let’s not tighten up our security and intel collections.”

Bolling then ended his monologue by giving King a ridiculous award for his “North Korea” remarks.

“Congratulations, senator, you take the prize for the dumbest comment heard from a lawmaker in a very long time,” Bolling said.