Drew Carey’s Son Pays the Price for Youthful Stupidity

It was the shocker of the night last Thursday night as cameras and media mingled with protesters outside of the National Press Club who were rioting over the “Deploraball” taking place upstairs.

An 11 year-old boy was interviewed by Fox News after allegedly setting a fire in the street to send a message that says, “screw our president.”

It turns out, the boy, Connor Carey, is the son of Marine Corps Veteran and host of the Price is Right, Drew Carey.

Drew Carey was in town, emceeing the Armed Service’s Ball taking place to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump.

The relationship was first reported by TMZ, who reached out to Drew and reported that the young Carey “regretted his words” after having a chat with his parents.

It’s unknown if Conor had to reach for his angles to take a spin at the wheel . . . or for a paddling, but his father was all in favor of punishing “bully” teens a few years to the point he offered a $10,000 reward for their location.

Don’t expect Conor Carey to be acting up anytime soon.

He likes hunting, dogs, and supports the troops at home and abroad.