Don’t Get Fooled Again: We Can Hold Politicians to Their Promises

"Repeal and Replace! That's the ticket!"

Last week was an eye opener for many Americans as they were able to see the partisan faces of their elected officials.

Over 200 Republican members of Congress were willing to not just support a continuation of ObamaCare, they were willing to lie to you and say with a straight face that it was “repeal.”

Last year, nearly every Republican candidate hit the campaign trail to make a promise to voters that they would “repeal and replace” ObamaCare.

Instead, many of these same men and women aggressively lobbied to slap a fresh coat of paint on the $1.72 trillion entitlement program with their support of Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act.

Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins, a tough talking former cop took to the House Floor on Friday to shout, “A vote against the American Health Care Act is a vote against FREEDOM!”

When I watched Rep. Higgins shout into the microphone as if he were a Drill Instructor dressing down recruits, I laughed out loud.

Higgins truly believes that RyanCare is better than ObamaCare based on the fact that ObamaCare is 8,000 pages and RyanCare is “124 pages of freedom.”

Higgins and many others within Congress are so distanced from reality that they don’t even get that RyanCare is an amendment to ObamaCare, thereby extending the monstrous legislation.

They were sold a bill of goods by the Establishment and told to go out and loyally toe the line . . . and like good little sheep, they fell in line.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Republican members of Congress, along with our populist President, do not grasp that the expectation of voters for the last seven years was to REPEAL ObamaCare.

What’s worse, politicians like Paul Ryan believe that the American voter is so dumb, that they can call an apple an orange and we’d fall for it.

But are you really surprised?

Since at least 4,000 years ago, politicians have been making promises to voters and then betraying them.

Within American history, with the exception of the Civil War, Americans have continued to fall for it and every year, the federal government grows in expense, size and power.

While I had a sliver of hope that Donald Trump would shake up the Establishment and at least pause the growth of the Federal behemoth, his support of RyanCare shows how easily he can be manipulated.

If we are ever going to get back on a path toward liberty, politicians will have to be held accountable for their promises to the public.

In the past, thousands of “pledges” have been signed and in 1994 the GOP even created a “Contract with America.”

All fine and dandy, but what was the penalty when a politician violated their pledge or promise?

Not much . . . a few lost endorsements and a few lost votes.

Wash, rinse, repeat and a politician is back in office for another term and another round of disloyalty to voters.

To break this cycle, we need something more . . . something that includes both the carrot of support and the threat of a large and heavy stick.

Let me introduce you to the concept of the “Liberty Contract.”

The Liberty Contract is a theoretical binding civil contract between a non-profit organization that represents a voting base, and a candidate.

Here’s how it works.


During an election, a candidate enters into a negotiated, LEGAL and voluntary contract with his or her own constituents through a non-profit organization.

The terms are clear and simple. For instance, if a candidate says they won’t vote to raise or create taxes, or that they will vote to repeal ObamaCare, that’s the deliverable product.

Of course the contract will have to include provisions that would allow a work around in the event of an extraordinary event. For instance, if a candidate vowed not to raise taxes, but we entered another World War, that’s a legitimate exception that would deserve arbitration.

A team of legal experts would do their best to ensure that the contract is legally binding and does not violate any current laws.


Upon taking office and serving a term, if the contract is adhered to a SuperPAC will legally spend enough money for that candidate to win re-election. Basically, the politician doesn’t have to worry about the major issue of raising campaign dollars – a very gracious carrot.

For purposes of this theory, the SuperPAC would agree to spend at least what was spent in the last election of that specific winning race . . . and more if facing a greater challenge.

The SuperPAC (which would be separate from the non-profit) would use adherence to the Liberty Contract as its guide.

Another significant benefit of the contract is the cover it provides to a politician. This would have been useful last week within the back rooms of Congress.

When Establishment powers use every threat possible to rally support for their cause, politicians who are contracted to maintain a position, are provided with strong cover to stand their ground.

And that gets us to the stick.


For far too long, politicians have easily been able to walk away unscathed when they break their promises. They have one excuse after another and, as with any good politician, they are very convincing.

If government were a business, 90% of politicians would be out of a job after their first term.

The Liberty Contract makes “firing” enforceable.

If a “signed” politician violates the contract, they agree to not seek reelection.

Pretty simple? No, not really because what would stop them from violating an agreement to not run again?

Constitutionally, they can’t be stopped.

However, by signing the contract, they agree to a financial fine of half their net worth if they breach the contract and seek subsequent terms.

That may sound harsh, but without a penalty, there is no point to a contract.

While a politician may violate the contract every which way till Sunday, it would become a personally painful experience.

Theoretically, the Liberty Contract sounds great, but honestly who would sign it?

A true statesman who is grounded in his or her beliefs wouldn’t have an issue with the agreement.

A politician who ebbs and flows in whatever direction would likely never agree to a contract like this . . . and they would have to compete against another politician who has signed put their future on the line and signed the contract.

While the concept of the Liberty Contract may sound exciting, that excitement should be met with resignation over our current circumstance.

Even with the awakening of the “Silent Majority” that supported Donald Trump, in 2016 97% of the members of Congress — who have failed us for years — were reelected.

Will they finally deliver on their promises?

No, they won’t. You can bet on that.

But by organizing a new standard that will hold politicians accountable, we can make headway in 2018 and be in a position to finally shrink government by 2020.

Please share your thoughts below.

Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. Shane is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for more than 20 years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, Project Veritas and is the co-Founder of Liberty Guard.