Donald Trump’s Temperament Is Fine, Move Along, There’s Nothing to See

When it comes to temperament, Donald Trump has been taking it in the teeth with his late night tweets and harsh responses, but it is an illusion.

Donald’s temperament is just fine. People don’t have to worry about Trump having his finger on the button, because he is playing the role of a candidate.

Trump’s temperament was on full display during the Roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central five years ago. Notice how vile the jokes against Trump were during this show.

Trump took it like a man and all of the roasters are still alive and have careers. There was no revenge, he moved on.

Now people and Hillary are claiming that Trump doesn’t have the control to be president. The truth is, the Donald has morphed into a politician and uses the conflicts he creates as a way to get press.

He’s become a dirty candidate that’s been called everything from a racist to the worst human on earth who is responding as such.

The late night tweets are him trying to win this election. Sometimes it works, and a lot of the times it doesn’t, but who are we to question is strategy?

Not a single pundit or anyone associated with politics thought that Trump would only be a handful of points down from Hillary Clinton in the general election when he announced he was running a year and a half ago.

Donald Trump has proven he can switch up his attacks and is improving as a politician every step of the way.

Voting is less than a month away now and the big question is does he have enough time to improve and win this election or will everything spin out of control and fall down for Trump?

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