Donald Trump Kicks Baby Out Of Rally For Crying


Donald Trump is not your average politician, we all know that, but even the most basic rule of politicians is to kiss babies and shake hands. Trump doesn’t follow the basic rules.

Trump shook some hands in Virginia at a rally, but instead of giving a baby a kiss, he kicked the crying child out. We think…

What just happened? Did he really just kick out a baby?

Was he upset or wasn’t he? Did he kick her out or didn’t he? Does he like babies or not?

Trump is a master “complicator”; he complicates communication when it doesn’t need to be confusing.

At the end it is apparent that he really did want the baby out.

If we are really honest with ourselves we would admit to wanting that baby to leave too if we were speaking. The only difference between most people in the world and Trump is that he actually says what he thinks. It doesn’t matter how inappropriate a thought might be, he runs with it.

When doing this, it is hard to get a read on what he really believes. Look at his exchange in Virginia, he was unclear and we are sure the mom didn’t know what to do.

Trump is a wild card. He is called racist by the left, but in his actual actions as a businessman and in the public life, he isn’t a racist at all.

He is a wild card because he can’t be bought. He likes to verbally attack people and what will happen when Kim Jong-Un mocks Trump? Will Trump respond by calling him names and start a war?

Who knows what a politician Trump will really be like, but there is a good chance we will find out soon enough. As long as he stops kicking out babies and Hillary keeps lying and more emails surface.

Just buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride to November. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.