Donald Trump Just Said The One Thing Everyone Was Waiting For

Donald Trump

Donald Trump can be ferocious in the battle of words and often chooses verbiage that gets him in trouble. These words are different.

One of the best things about Donald is that he speaks his mind, but that often gets him in trouble, and he never apologizes for anything.

Trump’s refusal to apologize has really turned some people off and for others it is the one thing they need to see from Donald to get their vote.

Well, Donald has done it. He has shown regret and in a moment of human honesty, he apologized.

This could be the one moment that really turns the tide for Donald Trump, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Trump is losing big in the liberal media polls, but Zogby, LA Times and even Rasmussen surprisingly have the race much closer than anybody thought and are showing tightening of the race.

In many polls Trump has closed the gap with Hillary to just a couple of points or less in some cases.

Adding a level of humanity to the billionaire businessman is needed for his campaign, and it will help him tremendously. Many women voters don’t like Trump because he is mean and doesn’t say he is sorry.

If Donald Trump can continue down this road and be strong and apologize when he needs too, he could beat Hillary. If Trump can refrain from making foolish side comments and jokes, then he could beat Hillary.

This race isn’t over, despite what the liberal media is telling you. If Donald can stay on message he could have a real chance at winning in November.

Where you happy to see Donald apologize? Let us know in the comments below.