Donald Trump Can Win This Election And Here Is Why

trump can win

Despite what the corporate media polls say, there is still a good chance that Donald Trump can win this election and this is why.

On Monday the two campaigns spent time in the battleground state of Florida, Tim Kaine held a rally in West Palm Beach and Trump held a rally in Tampa.

30 loyal fans greeted Tim Kaine while Trump was met with about 20,000.

If it is not fair to compare a VP candidate to Trump, then look at Pence’s crowd in North Carolina.

Trump has a chance to win and it is because of enthusiasm.

The email scandal, WikiLeaks and now the Project Veritas videos have eroded the enthusiasm for Democrats and it shows at the rallies.

Will it show at the polls too?

Right now there are many polls that suggest that Trump is down double digits, but there are more polls that have him close. Real close. What is the truth?

It is hard to tell what is true and not with the corporate media so obviously biased against Trump. We don’t know what the real polls are. WikiLeaks released an email from John Podesta that outlined how to manipulate the polls, so we don’t know who to trust.

If you were to only look at the crowds at the campaign events, then you would think that Trump is winning. He had 20,000 fans show up in Tampa and he had another 60K watch on Facebook Live.

Watching the media, you would think Hillary has already won. Looking at the crowds, you would think Trump should win.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out on Election Day, but if the massive crowds that Trump brings to rallies are any indication of real support, he could win this thing.

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