Donald Trump Assassination Fears Increasing

Trump Assassination

A year ago, Donald Trump was never taken serious in his claims to want to be President. Today he is the presumptive GOP nominee. His rise has made him very popular among voters, but he has made a lot of people in Washington furious.

Not only has Obama, Kerry, Hillary and all other major Democrats taken their shots at Donald Trump it is the right that has been trying to reign him in and hold him back. The establishment on both sides fear and loath Trump because he can’t be bought and he isn’t afraid to say anything.

Truly anything.

Just this week Trump called Hillary an “enabler” of her womanizing husband. No other politician would have said that during a campaign in public.

Trump brought up a connection between Ted Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald in the summer before the Kennedy Assassination. A connection made by the National Inquirer. Trump wasn’t scared to mention it.

Even Donald Trump told Jeb Bush that his brother didn’t keep us safe during his presidency because he let the planes fly into the twin towers. Nobody has ever dared to make such a statement to the face of a Bush. Donald did it.

Notice how both Jeb and Ted left the race shortly after the above comments were made. Will Hillary leave the race soon? Maybe!

It is suspected that Donald knows more about Hillary and her shady Foundation and political maneuvering than she would like to have known. Hillary isn’t afraid of what the FBI might reveal about her email scandal, but she fears Donald Trump’s mouth.

Not to mention the thousands and thousands of people who #hateTrump and even wish for his death on social media.

Trump has a lot of enemies and now people are really starting to fear for his life.

Even the alternative media is starting to shed light on the topic.

Remembering the RFK assassination in June of 1968, it reminds us that political candidates are not above being eliminated.

Just last week the leader of the opposition to the President of Venezuela was assassinated. The killing of political leaders still happens.

No matter what Trump says or does, he doesn’t deserve to be killed. Our country is about the people speaking, and if the people like Trump, then he should be elected. If the people say he should not be president, then he should go back to Trump Towers and build stuff. The people should decide the fate of Donald Trump’s political career, not a sniper’s bullet or a bomb.

What do you think? Is Donald’s life in danger? Let us know in the comments below.