Dog Meat Festival Anyone?

dog festival

Everyone knows of a fish fry or a pig roast, but have you ever been to a dog meat festival?

Man’s best friend in America is the next big food festival main course coming to southern China.

Over a thousand dogs will be eaten during the festival and pulled out off cages and bid on by the canine food fans.

It is reported that ten to twenty million dogs are killed and eaten each year in China. Defenders of the festival say it is the same as eating a steak or chicken.

Protestors though are starting to really fight the status quo of dog eating in China. Animal rights groups say the animals are beaten and abused before they are killed and eaten.

Local protests have sprung up because they are saying the festival vendors are just stealing dogs that are pets and cooking them.

China is a massive county with 1.3 billion people and changing tradition is going to be hard. The animal right activists are trying to take away a form of meat in a country that has tremendous poverty, not to mention it’s communist.

If you want to see the horror for yourself, watch the below video to see what last year’s festival looked like. CAUTION – DISTURBING IMAGES OF ANIMAL CRURELTY

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