Does Trump Know Why Biden Didn’t Run?


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump thinks he knows why Vice President Joe Biden decided not to run for President: because Trump has “dirt” on Biden.

Trump also claimed that Biden bowed out because Trump had actively threatened to expose Biden’s secrets—or, at the very least, hint about them on social media—and that they would ruin Biden’s chances of winning the Oval Office.

Trump, unfortunately, did not release what the dirt was—and, with Biden officially out of the running, it looks like the world will never know.

Biden, who had two failed presidential runs that failed to gain traction in 1988 and 2008, was seen as the last hope for the Democrats’ own Hillary haters to run an electable candidate.

With Hillary sinking in the polls among independents, Republicans, and Democrats alike, many were hoping that the Vice President—who would be the oldest first-term President in history—would swoop in, to help shore up the party’s weakening chances to keep the White House.

Polls showed Biden trailing Hillary for the Democratic nomination, but leading most Republican opponents by large margins—suggesting that, while he’d have an uphill battle beating Hillary in the primary, he might have been the strongest candidate for the Democratic Party overall.

With Biden officially out, and two Democratic candidates dropping out within the past week, the nomination still looks like it’s Hillary’s to lose.