Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s?


There is a video going around the Internet where a medical doctor goes into great detail about why he thinks that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s.

Dr. Ted Nowell says that he is a medical doctor that has been practicing for over 35 years. He also says that he knows what illness Hillary has.

The doctor took to YouTube to tell the world his diagnosis of Hillary’s illness.

He makes a good case for Parkinson’s but the video does make some big leaps in diagnosis.

For example, he blames her having problems swallowing on Parkinson’s when it could just be Dysphagia that is caused from a stroke or brain damage.

Her public records show that she did suffer brain damage in her fall in 2012 when she was hospitalized and took six months to “recover”.

The truth is, we don’t really know what the illness is, but it is clear that she is sick.

Hillary has something wrong with her and these theories or conspiracies as Hillary like to call them, will continue until she is honest about her health.

The media is doing their best to cover up Hillary’s illnesses, but they are having a hard time when things like this are caught on camera.

Until Hillary can come out and explain what is going on and even release her medical records, her health could really damager her chances at becoming president.

Hillary’s lies and corruption have made a dent, but most Americans think that all politicians lie and are corrupt anyway.

One thing that most Americans won’t stand for is a sick president. America won’t come out and vote for somebody who will not be able to do the job for health reasons.

There are 62 days until the election and between now and then, we will learn more about Hillary’s illness and it could prescribe disaster for her campaign.

Do you think Hillary has Parkinson’s? Let us know in the comments below.