Do You Have The Right To Fly The American Flag?


Just when you thought leftist intolerance of anything patriotic or pro-American could get any worse, it does – this time in Ohio where state lawmakers find it necessary to take up legislation that recognizes the right of citizens to fly the American flag on their own homes – even if they are renters.

The legislation known as House Bill 18 will amend state law and reads in part that:

“…manufactured homes park operators, condominium associations, neighborhood associations, and landlords (shall not restrict) the display of blue star banners, gold star banners, other service flags, and the POW/MIA flag, and to prohibit manufactured homes park operators and landlords from restricting the display of the United States flag.”

In other words, the legislation would prohibit landlords from banning any type of American flag, including ones related to the military and government, from being flown by people where they live.

This legislation came about after an 86-year-old woman, Julia Lease, was told by her landlord that she could not fly the American flag on the front porch of her rented home.

Mrs. Lease received the command to remove the American flag in a note left at her house by her landlord. When she said “Not on your life,” her story began to go viral across the country. The landlord and his company tried to defend their actions by saying they were:

“…not against American flags, nor do they have any policy against American flags.” “Ultimately, the issue is that if you allow a display of something – from our point of view, from a fair-housing perspective – you’d have to allow a display of anything.”

This rental company said their “neutral” policy was adopted so other people would not be offended by people who may want to fly the flags of other nations according to Breitbart News. After the debate began to heat up beyond all expectations, the landlord caved and let the woman keep flying the flag. Lease said:

“It means to me that I live in a country worth fighting for…” “It belongs up.”

The Conservative Tribute reports that “stories like Lease’s have become all too common, and though it is great news that at least one state is taking legal action to ensure their citizens patriotic rights, the fact that such a law is needed in the land of the free shows the sad state to which our society has fallen. Ohio Representative Niraj Antani told WBNS:

“We must protect our First Amendment rights and this bill does exactly that,”. “Patriotic Americans should be able to display flags on their homes and I am proud to have voted for this bill.”