“Diverse” Schools Not Achieving Excellence?

Diverse Class
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The ABC report, which was published on Monday had headlined, saying “U.S. Charter Schools Put Growing Numbers in Racial Isolation,” arguing that “charters are vastly over-represented among schools where minorities study in the most extreme racial isolation.”

However, the report drew immediate criticism from defenders of charters schools, who said, “This story is an exercise in power mostly by those on the left and progressives who believe desegregation is the only method of delivering quality education to all students,” Gerard Robinson of the American Enterprise Institute said in a statement to the news source. “That plays to their constituency, funder base, and a social engineering ideology that dates back to 1950s research.”

Robinson, who has served as the commissioner of education for the State of Florida and secretary of education for the Commonwealth of Virginia, went on to say that the AP report shows how liberal attitudes on school reforms have shifted following the election of President Donald Trump and his appointment of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

“In an era with a Republican president, secretary of education, and Congress who support school choice, this is a doubling down by the left against that agenda,” he had said.

The first quote in the AP’s report came from the Minnesota civil rights attorney Daniel Shulman, who had said, “Desegregation works. Nothing else does.”

“There is no amount of money you can put into a segregated school that is going to make it equal,” Shulman had added, arguing that the charter schools proliferate the racially segregated schools.

Robinson found Shulman’s logic extremely flawed, and he had argued that the teachers, Advanced Placement courses, and access to technology matter more than demographics. He also pointed out geographic realities and the fact that mostly minority charters and magnet schools have been ranked as the Country’s best both by the U.S. News and World Report.

“The majority of students [in U.S. schools] are not white,” Robinson went on to say. “You don’t have enough white students to go around to make the social engineers feel good about the demographics.”

With one hand, the Liberals criticize America for not giving minorities proper “safe space,” free of pernicious colonialism and white influence – while on the other hand, they argue that any gathering of monitories in sufficient concentrations is also a result of white’s racism.

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