Disastrous Poll For Democrats On Immigration

Border Security
The more we deport, the more republicans go up in the polls.... HMMMmmmmmm, really makes you think!

A new poll shows a potential electoral disaster brewing for Democrats—with a huge majority of Americans opposing sanctuary cities.

According to the latest poll from Harvard/Harris, 84% of Americans oppose sanctuary cities—and think that local law enforcement should work with federal agents to enforce existing immigration law.

“I asked them, ‘Do you think notifying ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would in fact increase crime because it would inhibit people from reporting crimes or does it decrease crimes because it takes criminals off the street,’ and they overwhelming said ‘decrease,’ ” said Democratic pollster Mark Penn, who had formerly worked as chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2018 campaign.

Calling this “out-of-sync” with common wisdom that the public is evenly split on immigration, Penn hinted that it could come from people misunderstanding what sanctuary cities are: sanctuary cities prevent local law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants arrested for other crimes to ICE.

“When someone’s arrested, they expect someone will notify federal immigration authorities just as they would expect someone who violates state tax law will find out that they notified the IRS,” he added. Sanctuary cities prevent that.

Harvard/Harris also shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans—including a large majority of Democrats—don’t want ICE abolished.

In addition, nearly 1 in 3 Americans support reducing legal immigration.

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