Did The Clintons Kill Again?


A UN official due in court for tax fraud on Monday died over the weekend and conspiracy theorists are looking at the Clintons.

In 1993, a lawyer from Arkansas who was the childhood friend of Bill and former coworker of Hillary was found dead because of an apparent suicide. The conspiracy theories haven’t stopped since then, but now a new “conveniently timed” death could spark new conspiracy theories.

John Ashe was due in court today, but he never made it.

The United Nations officially said Ashe died of a heart attack. Local law enforcement think differently.

Local officials in Westchester Country think that Ashe died because of a crushed windpipe–.that a barbell fell on his throat while he was lifting weights.

The confusion about the cause of death is odd to say the least. Another thing that is odd is the connection between John Ashe and the Clintons.

John Ashe is a disgrace. He was under investigation for tax fraud with his co-defendant, Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese businessman who is charged with sneaking $4.5 million into the US.

Ashe and Seng worked together and Seng is considered a “bagman” for the Clintons.

A 1998 report identified Ng Lap Seng as the source of almost a million dollars that was illegally funneled to the DNC through an Arkansas business owner during the time Bill Clinton was in the White House.

Ng was never charged with a crime.

The death of John Ashe is unique, because in court Ashe’s connection to Seng and to the Clintons would have come out during prosecution. The entire event would be embarrassing to the Clintons and that is something they don’t need right now.

The local police are keeping the case open and are conducting an autopsy.

The lawyer to Ashe, Jeremy Schneider, does not think it was a murder though. Schneider is quoted as saying, “There is not one iota of evidence that it was a homicide. This is nothing like Vince Foster”.

Maybe Ashe was just working out and dropped a barbell on this throat and died like the local police claim. Maybe Ashe died of a heart attack like the United Nations claims. Maybe it was a murder to keep negative information about the Clintons from hitting the press. Maybe it was aliens. We don’t know.

What we do know about Ashe’s death is that there are still a lot of questions surrounding the circumstances, and he is yet another person who was involved with the Clintons and ended up dead.

How do you think Ashe died? Let us know in the comments.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.