Did Hillary Rig Voting Machines To Win?

Voting Machines

When the DNC emails were released proving that they conspired to knock Bernie out of the race, it was proof they would say anything to help Hillary win, but would Hillary and her supporters do anything they could to win?

Like rigging an election?

Donald Trump thinks she cheated, but he says a lot of crazy stuff right? Well, we are not taking his words for it, but instead looking at the dozens of lawsuits and claims that the voting machines were rigged in several states to make sure that Hillary won.

In Iowa, during the caucus, the first vote had sanders with 215 votes and Clinton with 210. After a second count, by people wearing Hillary for president shirts, the totals were a little different. Hillary had 232 and Sanders had 224.

Something doesn’t add up right, here is a video showing the influence of the Hillary team to make sure that Hillary won.

The caucuses are easier to rig than a primary because they only needed to add a few votes to give Hillary the win.

In other states, where voting machines were used, a troubling discovery shows that Hillary does best on the machines that flunk the hacking tests.

In the states with the hackable machines, Hillary missed her exit poll projections and missed big. In South Carolina exit polls had her winning by 37% but ended up winning by 47.5%. That is a large 11.5% mistake. How did that happen?

It happened in many states that had the voting machines that failed the hacking test, and the exit numbers never went backwards for Hillary. She always ended up with a lot more than what people were saying.

Polling isn’t always correct right? True, but the exit polling for the Republicans taken on the same day, by the same people were dead on in all states. Only the numbers for Hillary were inflated from exit polling.

In Alabama there were three counties that had the hackable machines and Hillary did extremely well in those, but in similar counties with similar demographics, the numbers between Hillary and Bernie were much closer.

If you want more details in a humorous fashion, you should watch this video as comedian Lee Camp shows how Bernie actually won the election.

It has not been proven that the machines were actually hacked in favor of Clinton, but all indicators point to fraud.

The real question is, if she did rig the election, can she do the same for the general election?

Donald Trump thinks so, and for once we tend to agree.

Do you think Hillary cheated and rigged the voting machines? Let us know in the comments below.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.