Did Edward Snowden Just Get Killed?

Edward Snowden

Somehow, no mainstream media outlet is covering the news of Edward Snowden’s disappearance and that he is thought to be dead.

Edward Snowden became the source of the largest security breach in American intelligence history when he took 1.7 million documents from the NSA.

What makes this story even more unique is that around the time the rumors of his death started, Snowden sent a very mysterious tweet.

People think that the tweet could be a dead-man’s switch. An tweet programmed to go out if Snowden didn’t login within a specific amount of time. But is the tweet just gibberish?

It looks like Snowden sent a key that could potentially unlock a treasure trove of NSA documents given to many different reporters all around the world. The reporters were given a file they could not access without the 64-character key, and Snowden said it would only be released upon his death.

The mysterious tweet could be the key that was sent out over Twitter.

The story takes a unique twist when the tweet disappears and the next thing we hear about Snowden came from a woman that claims to be the whistleblower’s mistress.

She said this when confronting whom we think is Snowden’s girlfriend. Translated from Russian to English.

Natasha, you b*tch. You had no right to inform someone about the death of my dear Edward. You’re a wh*r*. Is not it enough for you that you cheated? Slept with my husband? It was my place to break the news – news must be broken. Shame on you wh*r*.”

We do not know for sure who was dating whom, because Russian reporting on this topic has been sketchy at best.

What we do know is that Snowden’s Twitter has gone silent except for another cryptic tweet to the NSA that said, “It’s time”.

Time for what? Does this mean that the remaining files that Snowden did not release to the public will be released soon?

There are a lot of questions surrounding Snowden right now, like is he officially dead or not? What information has Snowden not released? What connection does it all have to Hillary?

We don’t have many answers, but we know that it isn’t looking good for Snowden or the NSA.

Do you think Snowden is a hero or a traitor? Let us know in the comments below.