Did Christine Blasey Ford Lie? An Ex-Boyfriend Says Yes

Miserable Boyfriend
This poor guy - now the Left is gonna give him the 'Kavanaugh Treatment' too...

Brett Kavanaugh and his Supreme Court confirmation was turned upside down with Christine Blasey Ford came out and accused the nominee of sexual assault over 35 years ago. Now it is her story that is being turned upside down.

A former boyfriend of Ford released a written declaration that contradicts many of the things Ford said under oath. The boyfriend, whose name hasn’t been released, dropped a bombshell on Tuesday that shoots holed right through Ford’s story.

Fox News has obtained a copy of the declaration and report that the former boyfriend disputed many of Ford’s claims. The man said that Ford had actually helped a friend applying to work in government prepare for a polygraph test. This claim completely contradicts Ford’s testimony where she said she “never” helped anyone prep for a lie detector test.

The man also said she never mentioned Kavanaugh, being a sexual assault victim or a fear of tight spaces. During Ford’s testimony, she said that she had to have two front doors built on her house, because of the trauma Kavanaugh inflicted on her. According to the ex-boyfriend, she never had those feelings when she dated him between 1992-1998.

See the full declaration here.

The declaration certainly doesn’t help Ford’s testimony and Democrats goal of stopping Brett Kavanaugh. If it turns out that Ford is lying, then it could really embolden the GOP’s support for Kavanaugh and he could see a speedy confirmation.

The FBI investigation into the matter is reportedly being finalized right now. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI could have everything wrapped up Wednesday. A speedy FBI investigation is another clue that things might work out for Kavanaugh.

The findings have not been released, but that didn’t stop Trump from mocking Ford in a speech during a rally in Mississippi.

The Kavanaugh hearings have turned into a true political circus filled with he said, she said allegations and party posturing. Hopefully the FBI will be able to put all of this to rest and allow us to move on.

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