Did Bill Clinton Kill People To Distract From The Lewinski Scandal?


Huma Abedin was an editor at a radical Muslim journal that claimed Bill bombed Iraq to distract the media from the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Huma is now the top aide to Hillary Clinton, but when she was a Muslim woman working at her mother’s radical Muslim journal, she had a different view on the Clintons.

The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs claims that Bill Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq in the height of the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Too young to remember the Monica Lewinski scandal or need a refresher?

The claim that Bill acted militarily to distract from the scandal is really hard to prove, but makes perfect sense.

What does the Hillary camp say about Huma’s past job?

The Clinton campaign says that Abedin was not involved in the work of editing the journal publication, but instead she was “just on the masthead”.

The Clinton campaign would like us to believe that even though she worked there for 12 years as the assistant editor, Huma was just on the masthead and had nothing to do with the content.

It’s no wonder that 70% of Americans don’t trust Hillary and her campaign; Huma was on the editorial board that made content decisions.

Something doesn’t add up, like usual with the Clinton campaign.

Do you think the Hillary Campaign in telling the truth about Huma and her radical past? Let us know in the comments below.

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