Despite Constant Attacks, Op-Eds & SNL Mocking, Trump Keeps Winning

He truly is "The Teflon Don" - no attacks stick!

Donald Trump is defying all his critics and after almost two years in office, Trump keeps winning.

If you watch the news, it would seem like Trump is a failing president that can’t get anything good done. If you read anonymously written New York Times op-eds, you’d think he can’t manage the government, but the truth is actually quite different.

Right now there are more Americans employed now than ever in American history. Trump had two Supreme Court nomination confirmed, had tax cuts passed, he renegotiated NAFTA and the stock market hit a record number of highs in 2017.

Trump made a lot of promises and he is delivering.

The left is right about one thing, Trump is not conventional at all, but that isn’t a bad thing all the time. The American people have more access to this president than any in history.

The president is almost always available on Twitter and, especially lately, Trump speaks to the press on a regular basis. The AP published an article about the uptick in availability to the press.

He’s talking to the press because he is winning right now. The Kavanaugh confirmation was a major victory and it looks like his party will be able to hold onto the Senate during the midterms.

The FBI’s Russian collusion investigation still looms on the horizon, but president seemed to weather his lawyer and former campaign manager being charged with crimes in September. After almost two years, investigators still don’t have a case against the president.

Despite all the vicious media attacks on the president, investigations and leaked information, Donald Trump isn’t only weathering the attacks; he is beating back the storm. In simple, he is winning.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.