The Department Of Justice Really Gave It To Hillary

Department of Justice

Reports of campaign donations are coming in and it turns out that the Department of Justice, the same people who are involved in the Clinton email investigation, are the same people who donated almost $75,000 to the presidential hopeful.

228 employees at the Department of Justice have given Hillary a total $73,437 for this campaign. Which is way up from 2008 when only 23 people supported Hillary with $15,930.

This year she has 12 people who paid the max $2,700 for an individual payment.

How is the Department of Justice supposed to look at Hillary’s email investigation objectively when it is clear they are rooting for the former Secretary?

Bernie Sanders has only had 51 donations from people working at the Department of Justice for a total of $8,900. The 51 donations to Bernie and the 228 to Hillary make up a large group of the clearly Democratic-leaning DOJ.

Compare the numbers and donations to Hillary and Bernie to what employees at the DOJ have given to Donald Trump: just two donations for a total of $381.

Considering that the Department Of Justice is going to be responsible for indicting Hillary, the fact that the employees have given Hillary almost $75,000 doesn’t seem like it is something they are going to be pushing.

Why would so many employees, who clearly support Clinton, try to push for an indictment? The opposite will happen and they will fight it tooth and nail.

The problem is, the trust in the Department of Justice is in the balance. Is the DOJ agency just Obama’s culture police or does it serve a real purpose?

The FBI has questioned Hillary’s aides, and soon Hillary will be meeting with them too. This investigation is not over, and every day we learn something new, but it will all come down the Department of Justice on whether to indict or not.

Do you think that the Democrat-filled Department of Justice will indict Hillary?

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