Dems Just Lost 2020 Election . . .

Trump just won the 2020 election with this key report.

Did you hear the latest economic news? I predict President Donald Trump just won re-election for 2020 — because of his No. 1 rule. More on that in a moment.

The Trump economy is soaring like a NASA rocket ship. It is exploding like a Grucci fireworks show on Independence Day. It is doing cartwheels like the USA women’s gymnastics team.

Payrolls (i.e., jobs) soared by 304,000 in January. That’s not a typo. Three hundred and four thousand — in one month. This number shattered expectations. Economists predicted 170,000. The actual number was almost double.

But wait: It gets better. The manufacturing sector expanded again — despite all the so-called “experts'” preaching doom and gloom. The New Orders Index soared by 6.9 percentage points. Remember, Obama said this was all impossible. He said manufacturing in the USA was no longer competitive. “That ship has sailed,” Obama reported matter-of-factly.

More great news: Year-over-year payroll growth was 3.2 percent.

The biggest miracle of all is the news that blue-collar wages are soaring. College graduates are losing ground to working Joes and Janes in this Trump economy. Leading the way was a roughly 4 percent wage increase for sales employees and leisure and hospitality workers. Trump’s “America First” policies are working.

This is all happening while GDP is still flying at 3 percent entering year three of the Trump presidency. Didn’t Obama and his band of failed economists say this could never happen again? Didn’t they say 2 percent GDP was the “new normal”?

It’s the “Trump economic miracle” — a phrase I coined 18 months ago in my column. The Trump economy is accelerating. We’re not at the end of a fabulous growth cycle created by Trump’s low taxes and regulation-killing spree. We may be only at the beginning of a Reagan-like run.

But what’s most remarkable is all this economic good news occurred while government was shutdown! Many (like me) are starting to think this didn’t happen (SET ITAL) in spite of (END ITAL) the government shutdown. It happened (SET ITAL) because (END ITAL) of the government shutdown. Government employees are a drag on the economy. “When government bureaucrats are away, the job creators come out to play.”

Now, we have proof. Lay off a bunch of “nonessential” bean counters temporarily and the economy explodes. Can you imagine what would happen if we fired them permanently? “Hip hip hooray! The government is permanently closed! Break out the champagne! It’s time to start a business, risk our money and create jobs!”

Maybe that’s why they call those government employees “nonessential” in the first place. Here’s a new joke for you: “You know what you call 800,000 government employees temporarily laid off? A good start.”

Keep in mind that this economic explosion also occurred during the Trump trade war with China. But wasn’t the trade war supposed to kill jobs, kill the GDP? It looks like Trump was right again. Economists: all wrong. Democrats: all wrong. “Never Trumpers”: all wrong. What this economy needed was a good trade war.

China is losing and desperate to end this war. I predict major capitulation any day now. Under President Trump, America is king of the hill and calling the shots again.

Can’t you just imagine the Democrats’ reaction to all this fantastic economic news? These people hate Trump more than they love America. Wouldn’t you just die to be a fly on the wall?

Well, if I were listening in on a meeting of top Democratic 2020 presidential contenders as all this remarkable economic news came in, I imagine I’d hear something along these lines: “No, no, no, it can’t be. That motherf—er. Why? Why? Why? Nooooo. This cannot be happening. Get my psychiatrist on the phone immediately.”

It’s another sad day in the lives of Democrats rooting against our economy and our country. Just like anyone else who has ever bet against America, they lost.

Meanwhile, Trump just proved the value of his No. 1 rule: “He who has the gold rules.” He just got re-elected.

Trump rules!