Democrats Raise Money on Fake Buzzfeed Report

Robert Mueller
"Hold up, they said WHAT about my investigation?"

Within hours of Friday’s Buzzfeed article that was quickly debunked by Special Council Robert Mueller, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was raising money on the supposed Fake News.

The fundraising email read:


2,OOO,OOO IMMEDIATE SIGNATURES NEEDED: Demand Senate Republicans protect Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation NOW >>

Buzzfeed just dropped the BIGGEST bombshell in the Russia investigation thus far.

Trump SWORE he didn’t have any ongoing business deals with Russia during his presidential election.

But Buzzfeed just uncovered two damning pieces of information:

1) Not only was Trump actively negotiating a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow
2) But Trump PERSONALLY ordered his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about it

This shocking revelation has Trump on a RAMPAGE to stop Mueller from uncovering the rest of this collusion story.

We need to band together NOW and demand Congress protect Mueller’s investigation from Trump’s interference.

Quickly — will you add your name before midnight?

BEFORE MIDNIGHT: We need 2,OOO,OOO signatures DEMANDING Senate Republicans protect Mueller’s investigation >>

Thank you,


Upon signing the “petition,” recipients of the email were directed to a survey that included a request for donations to help “protect our House Democratic Majority.”

The DCCC has issue no correction to the email despite Mueller’s rare public statement contradicting the Buzzfeed article.

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