Democrats Focusing On Diversity Instead Of Experience. Will It Work?

Democrats are all in for diversity.

So far, the Democrats have 18 diverse candidates ready to challenge for the White House, but is it going to be enough? The unique field of hopefuls represents some of the best things about America, but the Democrats are not putting up candidates that can likely beat Donald Trump.

It’s still early, but out of the 18 candidates that have already announced their intentions on running for president, a third are women, they have multiple ethnicities, nationalities, different sexual orientations and only a handful of old white men.

As unique as the field seems to be, there isn’t a ton of political experience on the list. A few mayors, some state representatives, some Senators, two governors a writer and an entrepreneur.

For the 2016 primary, the Republican Party had 17 candidates that included five Senators, nine Governors, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the Director Of Pediatric Neurosurgery for Johns Hopkins Hospital and a business/reality TV star.

There wasn’t a lot of diversity; the GOP had one woman, one black doctor and one American Indian. There was a lot of political experience for the GOP contenders, afterall over half of the candidates were governors at one point. Although it was a talented field, experience didn’t translate to a win and the Democrats seem to be following a new strategy.

In the end, experience didn’t matter, and the business and reality TV star won. Donald Trump shocked the world, but blazed a new path to the presidency. No longer did you even have to be a politician to win. Trump’s win has inspired the left in ways they don’t want to admit.

The large field of candidates is evidence of Trump’s influence. They don’t need someone with incredible experience like Clinton anymore. If Trump can win, anyone can win. The problem is, the left doesn’t have that level are stardom running. If the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Oprah jumped into the race, it might be a different story.

The Democrats have diversity, but nobody that stands out as a real challenge for Donald Trump. We still have a long way until debates and primaries, but the diverse field of candidates don’t seem like they’re ready for the grueling road to the white house.

Trump won the GOP nomination without being a politician in 2016 and that seems like it will be more of an aberration than the new standard, despite the Democrats attempt to replicate similar results in 2020.