Democrats Flip Out Over #WalkAway Campaign

Democrats are flipping out over the “#WalkAway” campaign–a movement of former Democrats who are sharing stories about why they’ve had enough of toxic liberalism and plan to “Walk away.”

Faced with nearly 100,000 former Democrats on Facebook sharing why they turned their back on the party, the left-wing media has decided to blame the whole thing on Russia.

The Huffington Post claimed the “hashtag has been connected to Russian bots,” although they stressed that even if Russia was helping spread the hashtag, it “does not necessarily mean content is created by Kremlin-linked operators.”

Salon took the Russia blame-game a step further–claiming that #WalkAway is “a likely Kremlin operation.”

They also claimed that the decidedly non-Russian founder of the movement, New Yorker Brandon Straka is either a “useful idiot” or “made a confounding decision to leave the party,” as if it was inconceivable to imagine someone could turn away from liberalism.

The #WalkAway Campaign Facebook site, however, takes a very different tack… featuring stories that are clearly written by real Americans, who used to be liberal and now are not.

They describe themselves, simply, as: “This is a movement of patriots of all walks of life- men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, non-believers, who share something very important in common… WE ARE AMERICAN and we will not surrender our country!”