Democrats Are Going To Hate The Latest News From Florida Recount

Rick Scott
The Democrats cant steal ALL the elections with fake ballots... just most of the elections.

Republicans just gained another seat in the U.S. Senate.

Gov. Rick Scott (R-Florida) has expanded his lead over sitting Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida), even after a recount.

After all votes were recounted—including an additional 83,000 votes that heavily-Democrat Broward and Palm Beach Counties “found” days after the election—Scott’s lead grew by 865 votes.

He now leads by more than 13,000 votes.

Scott was quick to claim victory once again, calling on Nelson to finally concede the race.

“With the statewide machine recount finished, our margin of victory has increased by nearly 1000 votes,” Scott tweeted. “@SenBillNelson, it’s time to admit this race is over.”

Despite falling increasingly behind in the race, Nelson has still not conceded the election.

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