Dean Fired For Defending Equal Treatment Of The Races

Affirmative Action Firing
Was this the future that King envisioned in his "I Have A Dream" speech? I don't think so!

The Associate Dean of the University of Missouri’s medical school is suing her employer after they fired her. Her crime? Resisting the push to remove medical school admission standards for minorities.

In an attempt to achieve Social Justice, the school fired Rachel Brown, a 60-year-old white psychiatrist, and Associate Dean. She was replaced with an underqualified black woman, who gleefully tore up the Medical School’s admission standards – paving the way for a massive horde of objectively unqualified minority enrolees. Ah, Social Justice!!

Ms. Brown had served at the school since 2006, as Associate Dean of the Medical School, and immediately started butting heads with the Dean, Patrice Delafontaine, and Warren Lockette the diversity enforcement officer at the Medical School. Brown was opposed to the explicit racial bias that the higher-ups wanted to institute at the university, extinguishing standards for unqualified minorities.

Rachel Brown’s suit explains that she had “expressed her view that the single-minded pursuit of racial and ethnic minority applicants was unfair to other applicants and created legal risks for the school of medicine.” She elaborated, saying that when she made her position known, she faced retaliation and backlash. She was isolated by the faculty meetings in a way that was “purposeful, deliberate and designed to exclude [her] input regarding diversity at the Medical School.”

She further mentions her repeated arguments and conflicts with Lockette who as per Rachel’s accusation had also pushed for the removal of the 15 percent limit that was previously in effect on the number of students to be admitted in the University who are from out of the state. This was done so that the school would reflect a similar demography of the to the country. He called the native Missourians who he was charged with teaching, “bumpkins, hicks and illiterates who lived in Hootersville,” and disdained them as “too parochial.”

“[Lockette] viewed any opposition to his ideas about diversity as “obstruction,'” the suit reads, pointing towards a tense exchange that took place in the presence of another faculty member during which he had yelled at Rachel Brown for “obstructing change.”

Brown further believes that the medical school had created a serious violation of the Missouri Human Rights Act‘s ban on the employers discriminating on the basis of age or race in October 2016 installation of Laine Young-Walker, a black associate dean. Her lawsuit explains that her replacement, the black Young-Walker, was shockingly underqualified for the job.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.