Cyber Monday Deals for Patriots

Cyber Monday for Patriots

The numbers for 2016’s Black Friday are already out and the result is clear. While there were more shoppers risking life and limb for great holiday deals, there was a drop in spending.

How does that work?

The big box retailers made a decision this year to ride the Black Friday hype and offer few, truly great deals, leading to, for instance a “Doorbuster” from Target of $9.99 throws . . . pathetic we know.

Spending is a progressive game with shoppers. To fill a cart and capture the “yes” mentality, good deals must be presented frequently for the brave holiday shoppers.

In that spirit and for Cyber Monday, here are a few actually good deals for the gun loving, red-meat eating American:

ShootingTargets7: Up to 40% off AR500 steel targets. Be sure to pick up a zombie target along with the magnetic stencil.

Knife Center: Get 20% off already discounted items. No code necessary.

Sportsman’s Guide: Online shop, Sportsman’s Guide, has strong deals on ammo and hunting gear including $142 pump shotguns and 500 rounds of 9mm for only $100.69 (not bad).

Kansas City Steaks: For a good steak at 10% off with free shipping, try Kansas City Steaks with the code “Cyber5” when you hit the checkout button.

Know of some other great deals today? Comment below.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.