Customer With Concealed Carry Stops Halloween Robbery


An armed robber was shot and killed while trying to rob a corner store in Chicago on Halloween—thanks to the quick-thinking of a customer with a concealed carry permit.

The would-be thief, Reginald Gildersleeve, 55, was pronounced dead at 7:10pm.

According to police, Gildersleeve walked into the store at around 7pm, and pulled a handgun on the store’s female cashier.

He then demanded she go to the back of the store and give him the store’s stock of cash—believed to be a substantial amount, considering the store also functioned as a currency exchange.

Unfortunately for Gildersleeve, he wasn’t alone in the store—and another customer pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The customer, who hasn’t yet been identified, had a valid concealed carry permit. It’s not clear whether or not he or she will face charges for the crime—but it’s not likely.

“We’re looking at it as a self-defense issue at this point,” a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department explained.

With a rash of high-profile shootings over the last few years, gun control has been a major talking point on the liberal Left—from President Obama, on down.

But the Left continues to ignore the fact that, in most situations, a litany of gun restrictions doesn’t keep guns out of the hands of bad guys—but, rather out of the hands of law-abiding good guys, who sometimes are called to use their guns to take action.

Because of the actions of a quick-thinking customer, no one was hurt (except for the thief) in the robbing of one Chicago store on Halloween.