Crazy Road Rage Incident Captured On Video

Sledge Hammer
Come over here and say that to my face, and I'll show you some 'Brotherly love!!'

Last week, in Philadelphia, a man hit another man with a sledgehammer during a road rage incident.

I mean, it was Philly. So, it’s not particularly surprising.

In any case, surveillance footage shows the aggressor in a red truck following a silver SUV into a parking lot in Port Richmond. The guy in the red truck hops out, holding a sledgehammer.

He rushes up to the SUV and starts swingin’. He bashes out both windows on the driver’s side of the silver SUV, and then the silver car pulls around and manages to get away from him.

While the driver of the SUV is pulling away, the passenger apparently opens his door (Maybe he was getting out to try and give the sledgehammer guy an ol’ Philadelphia-style beatdown?) and falls out of the car as it’s moving.

As the passenger is running to catch up with the SUV, the guy with the sledgehammer goes to open the door of his truck again, maybe to get something out or to get back in. At that moment, he sees that the SUV has stopped only a few feet away, and the driver of the silver vehicle has stepped out of it.

So sledgehammer guy turns and starts walking menacingly towards the SUV, hammer still in hand. The passenger of the SUV is also moving for the SUV at the same time, limping slightly. He’s probably just trying to get back to his waiting car before the driver changes his mind and leaves again.

The SUV driver, for his part, having stepped out of his car a moment before, now sees the sledgehammer guy coming for him again, and wisely pops back into his car like a gopher into its hole.

And then comes the weirdest part of this whole debacle.

The sledgehammer guy, having otherwise ignored the passenger up until now, realizes he’s got a softer target right next to him. He turns to whack the limping passenger on the back before he continues towards the SUV.

The SUV driver then hops out of his car again, before immediately hopping back in, like a prairie dog looking for predators. The footage is fuzzy, but it looks like the guy only gets one leg out of the car before wheeling around to get back in again.

The sledgehammer-wielding road warrior then rushes the last few feet to the silver car, gives it one last swing for good measure, and apparently breaks the rear window of the SUV before it can finally pull away.

So much for the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.