Couple Change Restaurant Name To Support Their Candidate

trump cafe

A couple in Texas is in love with one of the candidates and they even changed their restaurant to show their support.

Trump Café was once called Bellville Café, but not anymore.

The owners have decided to change the name and change the menu to honor their favorite candidate for president.

They used to server French styled food, but now they only serve American dishes now.

Located about 60 miles outside of Houston, the Texas eatery falls in a very red part of the state, but that doesn’t mean there are not a lot of Trump haters out there.

It is a bold move to change a business’ name to support Trump, but it could pay off. They are getting the Trump branding for free.

This isn’t the first time that the billionaire businessman has turned the food and beverage industry upside down.

Recently Yuengling Brewery decided to endorse Donald Trump and some bars are no longer selling the beer.

Trump Café is now serving and ready to server anyone who likes American.

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