Corrupt Liberal Hate Group Caught Moving Millions To Secret Offshore Bank Accounts

Money Laundering
The SPLC is nothing more than an organization of dishonest and ignoble character assassins. Shut Them Down!

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been caught pushes millions offshores as they continue to pander to the Alt-Left by labeling Christian ministries, and any other conservative organizations as “hate groups.”

Brad Dacus, the president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a Sacramento-based group that specializes in the legal defense of religious freedom and parental rights was also just recently listed on SPLC’s famous “hate groups” list.

When asked to respond to the SLPC’s libelous classification, Dacus responded, saying, “why is the Southern Poverty Law Center doing this? It’s simple. They want to vilify and isolate anyone that doesn’t agree with their very extremist leftist policy and ideology.” If the SPLC was – in some distant and forgotten time – ever about protecting people and defending civil rights, they have completely abandoned that mission.  “This isn’t about defending civil rights; this is about attacking civil rights.”

Recently, in an investigation conducted by the Washington Free Beacon, it was discovered that the SPLC gave titanic sums of money to numerous anonymous offshore accounts – from places like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands.

This sort of bizarre financial behavior is unheard of in the think tank world, on either the right or the left, and this shockingly suspicious behavior has many asking how deep the SPLC’s corruption really goes.

Is the SPLC being used as a money laundering conduit to finance the radical projects of wealthy liberals, and Soros connected groups?

The Beacon reports, “The SPLC has turned into a fundraising powerhouse, recording more than $50 million in contributions and $328 million in net assets on its 2015 Form 990, the most recently available tax form from the nonprofit.” But of these contributions, millions were pushed to mysterious offshore bank accounts since 2015.

Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center reflected upon the report by Free Beacon and stated, “The SPLC is an anti-conservative, anti-Christian hate group that the media have given pretend legitimacy to. One glance at their 990 tax forms is a reminder just what a fund-raising super-power it is.”

He added, “Its assets are over $328 million in 2015 and went up $13 million in just one year. It doesn’t need new liberal money. It could operate for at least six years and never raise a penny. It’s like a perpetual motion machine for fundraisers.”

Whereas, Amy Casil, CEO of Pacific Human Capital, noted that she has, “never known a US-based nonprofit dealing in human rights or social services to have any foreign bank accounts.”

She continued, “I am stunned to learn of transfers of millions to offshore bank accounts. It is a huge red flag and would have been completely unacceptable to any wealthy, responsible, experienced board member who was committed to a charitable mission who I ever worked with.”

Amy Casil summed up the damning professional consensus of the think tank world, declaring, “It is unethical for any US-based charity to invest large sums of money overseas! I know of no legitimate reason for any US-based nonprofit to put money in overseas, unregulated bank accounts.”

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.