Corporate Giants Condemn Trump, But Do Business With Iran

Corporate Hypocrisy
Corporate America is not just hypocritical, they are in the pocket of the Left.

Following the tragic events of the Charlottesville Disaster, and subsequent media firestorm over Trump’s response, several U.S. companies made very public announcements condemning the President.

While these American companies argue that condemning the President is in-line with American values, these exact same companies happily continue to do billion-dollar business with rogue regimes like the Islamic Republic of Iran.

General Electric, Boeing, and Caterpillar released statements announcing their decision to distance themselves from the Trump administration after Trump very clearly condemned all forms of violence and hatred.

GE released a statement reading, “”GE has no tolerance for hate, bigotry or racism.” The company also defended the actions of its CEO, saying, “With more than 100,000 employees in the United States, it is important for GE to participate in the discussion on how to drive growth and productivity in the U.S., therefore, Jeff Immelt will remain on the Presidential Committee on American Manufacturing while he is the Chairman of GE.”

Dow Chemical’s CEO Andrew Liveris released a statement, “In Dow there is no room for hatred, racism, or bigotry,” Liveris said.

Caterpillar too issued a similar statement, “There is no room for hatred, racism or intolerance” at their firm.

Meanwhile, Boeing signed a statement passed around to the CEOs of Business Roundtable that stated, that they, “will never accept such intolerance and hate.”

David Ibsen, UANI’s executive director noted in a statement, “While Boeing, General Electric and other companies should be commended for immediately denouncing the events of Charlottesville, it also shines light on their decision to do business with Iran.” And added, “The regime in Tehran is a leading state sponsor of terror, and has deliberately advanced anti-Semitism and hate, while oppressing their own citizens including on the basis of sexual orientation. These companies should immediately sign our Iran Business Declaration and immediately pledge to cease all business with Iran.”

Just last year, Boeing was condemned by Congress for advancing for a multi-billion-dollar deal to help arm the Iranian military in Syria. Even now, Boeing continues to work very closely with the Iranian regime.

Caterpillar is currently under investigation by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) for conducting business with “sanctioned countries,” like Iran, Syria, and the genocidal regime in Sudan.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.