Cop Killing On The Rise

Police Funeral
Another hero, taken too soon...

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund published its annual report on police killed in the line of duty and 2018 saw a sharp increase.

We didn’t see as many riots and protests against police in 2018, but there was about a 12 percent increase to the number of cops killed in the line of duty.

In the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund report, there were 144 federal, state and local officers who have died in 2018 so far. The number is up from 129 last year.

Shooting deaths and car cashes contributed to majority of the deaths. There were a few heart attacks, drownings, two cases of friendly fire and a few other unique deaths.

Cancer killed some of the police, but were added to the report due to their illness being contracted during the World Trade Center attacks in 2001.

Gun related deaths are up 13 percent in 2018. Texas, Florida and California represent the states with the largest numbers of fallen police.

Being a police officer in this day and age is tough, and this report proves it.

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