Conservative Leader Crows For Cruz Yet Raises Cash For Rubio

Richard Viguerie

You have to get a kick out of how the consultant class works in Washington.

While every side in D.C. rails about the “establishment” there are actually several establishment categories.

Richard Viguerie and his social conservative publication, ConservativeHQ, is what one used to consider the “anti-establishment establishment.”

That’s until they were faced with a candidate so far outside of the establishment that the contender jumped beyond the orbit of their influence.

That candidate is of course frontrunner Donald Trump.

Trump, not being a social conservative ideologue, the online publication and its leader were quick to endorse Ted Cruz who, until the rise of Trump, was considered the ultimate outsider.

But it wasn’t just an endorsement. CHQ publishes an anti-Trump diatribe just about every weekday and recently, they have thrown in a little Rubio bashing to boot.

So on Friday, when ConservativeHQ emailed a solicitation signed by “Marco” to its subscribers, it was a little surprising.

The email, which requested donations, led with a subject line that read, “Trump is a con artist.”

The Rubio-signed letter went on to say, “I am the only candidate who has presented common-sense conservative plans to help working Americans and has the experience to implement them from Day One.”

But that’s not what the publication’s Chairman thought when he told Breitbart, “Ted Cruz is the only movement conservative running, he’s the only limited government constitutional conservative Presidential candidate in the top tier.”

The day before the fundraising email went out, CHQ published a quote by its chairman saying, “The idea that conservatives will shift their support from Cruz to Rubio is preposterous given Marco Rubio’s many betrayals of the conservative movement . . .”

And then CHQ hilariously sent out the email that raised money for Rubio.

Why the contradiction between words and actions? Why raise funds for Marco Rubio while bashing him just hours beforehand?

Because there is money involved of course.

ConservativeHQ didn’t just mail out a request for their readers to donate to Rubio’s campaign because they were being nice to their enemy who may have been having a bad day.

They took their figurative thirty pieces of silver (now valued at $500) to promote the man who stands immediately in front of their conservative standard-bearer, Ted Cruz.

Loyalty these days obviously has a price tag.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.