Congressman Matt Gaetz: The Face of Political Privilege

Trump's little lapdog, Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz, the smug face of political privilege in Washington.

He has been described as, “the most punchable face in Congress” by Democrats, but Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is quickly becoming better known as the face of political privilege in Congress.

In 2017, Matt Gaetz skated into office, representing Florida’s most Republican district, the 1st Congressional District.

But to understand Matt Gaetz’s you have to go back to his upbringing.

Just as Donald Trump is a product of a family of entrepreneurs, Matt Gaetz is the proud product of a family of politicians.

Matt’s father, Don Gaetz is a 22-year political veteran, serving as the President of the Florida Senate at the peak of his career.

Unlike his son, Don Gaetz created significant wealth for his family by founding a healthcare company in 1983 that was later sold for half a billion dollars.

Even Rep. Gaetz grandfather, Jerry Gaetz served as the mayor of a small North Dakota town and died while running for Lieutenant Governor of the state.

With only a law degree and few if any, professional accomplishments, Matt Gaetz rode his father’s coattails to secure a seat as a United States Congressman.

When sworn into his first term in Congress, Gaetz was just 34 years old, but already a political veteran having served in the Florida State House for six years.

Being a handful of years beyond the drinking age when he began his political career, Gaetz has no military experience and very little private sector experience as an attorney, graduating law school in 2007, a mere three years before starting his political career.

As a state legislator, Gaetz was known for his ignorant breed of conservativism by making macho, chest-pumping statements like, “Only God can judge. But we can sure setup a meeting.”

Gaetz made that statement while working to fast track the execution of 404 Florida Death Row inmates.

On Death Row at the time were Seth Penalver, Carl Dausch, Derral Hodgkins and Ralph Wright who were all subsequently acquitted of their crimes.

Gaetz didn’t learn from the lesson of condemning innocent people and again, as a state representative, supported posting mug shots on the Internet of people charged with a crime, but not yet convicted.

The young state politician used his own arrest for driving under the influence in 2008 to convey his point, “mistakes made him who he is.”

But Gaetz was never convicted of a DUI and was able to magically avoid a Florida law that required a one-year driving suspension for refusing a breathalyzer. At the time, Gaetz’s father was a Florida Senator. Coincidence?

Now up until last week, most Americans had never heard of Matt Gaetz.

But the Congressman became a notorious name after tweeting in advance of Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony, “Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…”

Regardless of party lines, most Americans agree that attacking the family and spouses of political opponents is below the belt, and in this case, Gaetz’ tweet has been seen by many as federal witness intimidation which carries a hefty 20-year penalty.

Gaetz had sent the tweet directed to Michael Cohen, the evening before his sworn testimony as a witness before Congress.

The act is being investigated by The Florida Bar Association as a violation of professional conduct rules and members of Congress have requested an ethics investigation into witness tampering and intimidation by Gaetz.

Matt Gaetz is laughing off the investigations.

While the young Congressman deleted the tweet at the demand of Nancy Pelosi, he smugly defended his words during an interview by Showtime’s Alex Wager on The Circus.

When asked about his attack on Cohen’s family, Gaetz stuck his soft chin in the air and spoke of the “obligation” of Congress “to test the character and truthfulness” of witnesses.

How questioning the fidelity of a future prisoner’s wife accomplishes that is a head scratcher.

Gaetz’ mistake is that he wants to act like a “little Trump” while having none of Trump’s bonafides and experience that allow Americans to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Matt Gaetz discredits his own party with ignorant actions while carrying the air of accomplishment – of which he has none.

However, if you were to ask Gaetz about his accomplishments, he would point to the quote by GQ Magazine calling him the, “Trumpiest Congressman in Trump’s Washington.”

Or he would point you to the Politico quote, “Trump’s Best Buddy.”

What Gaetz doesn’t realize is that loyalty, while admirable, is a trait that is best held by a dog.

Establishing yourself as intellectually honest and deserving of an office, requires loyalty to your beliefs, not loyalty to another man.

The danger of Gaetz’ conduct is that it is rewarded by the most feverish members of the Red Hat Brigade, rather than being seen for what is it . . . conduct of an over-privileged brat.

While defense of a president or any elected leader is necessary in the face of the constant spin by the media and the Washington Establishment, Congressman Matt Gaetz’s style of defense is as effective as a drunken frat boy picking a bar fight with a sober Marine. He’s swatted away as an annoying little clown . . . at best.

Americans deserve better than being represented coat-riding, politically privileged children.

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Shane Cory
Shane Cory is the Editor of Liberty News Now. Shane is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in politics, publishing and marketing for more than 20 years. He has served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee, Project Veritas and is the co-Founder of Liberty Guard.