Congress To End Chain Migration?

Donald Trump
That face when; you are saving, and renewing America...

Last Friday, the Trump Administration took pains to explain just how much President Trump wanted to end chain migration – the policy that allows the entire extended families of immigrants into the US, in an expedited and unsecure manner. It seems some in Congress have taken notice!

The White House described the problem of chain migration, by defining it as, “the process by which foreign nationals permanently resettle within the U.S. and subsequently bring over their foreign relatives, who then have the opportunity to bring over their foreign relatives, and so on, until entire extended families are resettled within the country.”

It essentially means that when the admission of the single immigrant, even through the corrupt “diversity visa lottery” can lead to a whole clan of rabidly Islamic 3rd worlders being admitted into the US, without any further consideration or security protocol.

The Center of Immigration Study found that every new immigrant on average brings in almost 3.45 more. Which means almost 61% of all immigration from between 1981 and 2016 have been a result of this corrupt chain migration program.

In his weekly address, President Trump made the case for a merit-based approach to immigration – so that only the best, brightest, and most law abiding are allowed into the US.

Trump explained, “It is time to create a merit-based immigration system that makes sense for a modern economy—selecting new arrivals based on their ability to support themselves financially and to make positive contributions to U.S society. Base it on love of our country. We want people that come in, that can love our country.”

Chain mitigation has been a bizarre cornerstone of the U.S.’s immigration policy since 1924. These chain migrants are not included in the count for the national quotas in the present-day immigration system.

As of today, the immigration policies identifies five categories in the family preference immigration. The first category includes Spouse, children below legal age, and parents of the immigrants having full citizenship, and they can immigrate without any limits. The other of the four categories are inclusive of unmarried children above the age, immediate relatives, married children, and siblings of the citizens are all covered for immigration legally.

The President of the Labor Advocacy group Americans4Work, Tom Broadwater, says that chain mitigation is a threat to the borders of the U.S. and towards the wellbeing of the least privileged American citizens. He explained, “A dramatic increase in the numbers of people immigrating here legally and coming here illegally has had a dramatic impact on the labor market, and has displaced a large number of middle-aged and lower-echelon blue collar American laborers from the workplace earlier than they would have anticipated stopping work. It has had a much more severe impact on African-Americans and Hispanic-American citizens.”

The Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton in response to President have made an effort in sponsoring the RAISE Act, which could potentially put an end to the chain migration and the visa lottery. In addition, help to replace them with an easy points-based system, which would allow the immigrants in U.S. based on their perceived value that they might potentially add to the U.S. economy.

RAISE has the full backing support of President Trump, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell too has voiced in his support the point system of immigration.

“I think the mood, in our caucus anyway, is that ending chain migration is a top priority. The majority leader of the Republican caucus says that he is in favor of eliminating chain migration. I think that’s a milestone,” Perdue had said at a panel on immigration hosted by CIS.

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.