Congress Delays Important Work With Shutdown And Wall In Balance

McCarthy Ryan
Look at these clowns!

Congress has decided to wait another couple of weeks before it does anything to prevent a government shutdown and a wall from defending our southern border.

The United States Congress has some important decisions to make, but they think it would be better to just wait a few weeks to decide. The lawmakers have decided to wait since George H.W. Bush died this past weekend. A move that would have probably made Bush upset if he was still alive.

Instead of hashing through the problems of America, the House and Senate have decided to play kick the can for a little while. Both houses are working to vote this week and push the government shutdown deadline back to the 21st of December, the Friday before Christmas.

The Republican-controlled Congress has attempted to work with Democrats and come up with a deal to keep the government running and help fund Donald Trump’s plan for a border wall. The talks have stalled this week due to the death of former President George H.W. Bush, and both houses have agreed to delay.

Delaying the vote until Christmas will make it hard for things to get done if agreement is not found and the government could shutdown right before Christmas. It is also two more weeks of inaction on our Southern Border as a large caravan of asylum seekers and border jumpers keep growing in Tijuana.

There is a reason why the Congress has a 21% approval rating, and that is because they are simply not doing their job. The average American that delays their work responsibilities by a couple of weeks would get fired. Hopefully they’ll take the two weeks to make sure they can get the spending bill passed and get Trump his wall. If they don’t want the wall, they better come up with a better solution quick!

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