Congress Considers 3 Pillars Of Gun Regulation

Gun Control Mechanisms
A dangerous path - tread carefully... and don't tread on ME!

The government has been under serious pressure ever since the mass shooting incident occurred at Florida’s high school. This week, Congress returns to Washington, however, with a new pressure that forces them to take and implement gun control actions, following the Florida shooting incident.

According to latest reports, lawmakers have a wide range of policies to consider, which will curb the gun violence. It is believed that President Donald Trump and his administration are all set to put old and new ideas on the table, to come up with the best policies to take care of gun violence.

As of now, it is unclear which proposal is going to be approved and passed by the Congress. This is because, on several occasions, proposals directed towards enacting tougher gun laws did no go through successfully. However, in the aftermath of Florida and other mass shootings in quick successions, the Congress is under pressure to make a decision.

There have been numerous potential policies and ideas that surfaced over the past couple of days and weeks. However, many of those do not get the support of conservatives and the powerful gun lobby. This is the primary reason why even the least controversial policy had been stalled in Congress for months.

Keeping in mind all the mass shooting incidents that took place recently, it is highly critical for the Congress to tackle this issue. This is because the student survivors have been taking their emotional pleas directly to cable television, Florida’s capital, and the White House.

On Friday, President Donald Trump told reporters, “I see Congress wanting to act now for the first time.”

As the pressure is building, here are the three gun control measures that are integral, after the mass shooting incident at a high school in Florida.

Tougher background checks

After the Florida shooting, President Trump has been ‘all in’ for implementing toughing background checks for gun purchases in the country. In addition, it is believed that people who are ‘seriously’ mentally ill will not be allowed to buy firearms.

Age limits

According to the news floated, Congress is in favor of imposing new age limits on gun purchases in some of the states.

As per the new laws, an individual must be over 21 to acquire a rifle. Trump told students, parents and teachers gathered at a White House meeting that the government is going to go ‘very strong’ when it comes to age requirements for gun purchases.

Armed teachers

Among all the ideas, the most controversial that gained steam in the Congress was arming teachers and school administrators to protect schools. People in the Congress did not agree with this gun control measure, but Trump is willing to offer bonuses to teachers if they go through high-level training and carry concealed weapons in classrooms.

Trump said in a statement, “When we declare our schools to be gun-free zones it just puts our students in more danger — well-trained gun-adept teachers and coaches should be able to carry concealed firearms.”

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