This Company’s CEO Said He Wanted To Kill Trump


“I’m going to kill the president elect.” These words from a successful CEO have him in very hot water right now.

Matt Harringan is the CEO of PacketSled and is also posting on Facebook his intentions to kill Donald Trump.

PacketSled is a risk management company that has been successful. The company was forced to take action after learning of the comments online from their CEO.

“I’m going to kill the president elect,” was one of the worst ones, but he also challenged Trump’s security by saying, “Bring it secret service.”

“Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherfucker. I’ll find you.”

It isn’t just Trump he’s mad at.

“In no uncertain terms, fuck you America. Seriously. Fuck off.”

The words are haunting and hint to a very deep hatred for Trump. He seems dangerous and it doesn’t seem like a “joke” as his Facebook apology claims.

Matt Harrigan is now on leave from and his company PacketSled made an apology on their website as well.

“PacketSled takes recent comments made by our CEO, seriously. Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported this information to the secret service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries. These comments do not reflect the views or opinions of PacketSled, its employees, investors or partners. Our CEO has been placed on administrative leave.“

He must have been really angry and shocked that Trump won, because he said things that everyone knows are wrong.

You can’t just joke about killing the president, and if you do, you are an idiot that shouldn’t be in charge of any company.

It is ironic that he works for a risk management company and said what he did online. It should make one question the company.

Do you agree that everyone knows that you shouldn’t threaten the president or president elect? Let us know in the comments below.