Combat Veteran Is Having His House Stolen By His Neighbor

danny shedd

A combat veteran served his country and wanted to buy a home and retire in Oklahoma, but his neighbor has a different plan.

Danny Shedd is being sued by his neighbor for living in the house that he just bought. Does that sound weird? It should.

Danny Shedd found a dream home in Big Cabin, Oklahoma after serving his country for 12 years and fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Shedd family moved in and started settling down until the neighbors claimed that the house belonged to them and not the people who sold it. The outrageous claim could be true due to a “clerical error”, and now Danny Shedd has to fight for his slice of the American dream in court.

Here is what happened.

The house was sold legally to the Shedds, who did all the mandatory inspections and the house was sold and approved by the local government. The Shedd’s paid $172,425 in cash to buy the house.

After moving in, Danny called a surveyor to outline his property in order to build a fence. The surveyor came back and said that the Shedd’s had purchased 10 acres of woods, and not the house. Not even adjacent to the property. The house was actually built on their neighbor’s property.

To make things worse, their names were not on the deed to the house.

How is that possible? The property had been built, foreclosed and even re-sold and nobody figured out the problem? The claim is that it was just a “clerical error”.

Now the neighbors are suing to get the Shedds out of the house, but they have nowhere to go. The land they bought is worth a lot less than they paid, but it also isn’t suitable to build a home on.

With an issue of this magnitude, you would think that local government could fix this quickly, but it hasn’t been fixed.

Here is Danny Shedd’s YouTube plea for help because he isn’t getting it in Big Shed Oklahoma.

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