Who Would College Students Choose: Trump Or Castro?

Viva Fidel!

Campus Reform decided to as American students who they preferred as a leader, Donald Trump or Fidel Castro. The answers might shock you.

The Leadership Institute’s project called Campus Reform aims to be the leading higher education watchdog and news site for students and professors around the United States.

One reporter went, Amber Athey went to American University to see if students preferred Fidel Castro or Donald Trump.

See the shocking results in the video.

Not only did majority say that they liked Fidel Castro better, they didn’t have any solid justification.

Some said they simply just didn’t like Trump and others said because of all the great things that Castro did. After mentioning all the great things, they couldn’t come up with any specific examples.

The most shocking revelation is the number of college students that said it was a “hard question”. What is hard about comparing Castro to Trump?

Only one of the two people are responsible for the death of thousands of people. Only one planned to launch Russian nuclear weapons at the United States. Donald Trump said some mean things on the campaign trail and created a bad “university”.

There is really no comparison.

The left is holding up Castro as some socialist genius and wonderful leader. Obama, the Prime Minister of Canada and others praised Castro’s life over the weekend, but the same people say that Trump is going to be horrible for this world.

Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and is already worse than Castro. The good news is, Trump doesn’t have to do much to out perform his expectations.

Who do you prefer: Castro or Trump? Let us know in the comments below