College Professor Shoots Himself To Protest Trump

That is horrible trigger discipline, prof...

A sociology professor at the College of Southern Nevada shot himself… apparently, to protest President Trump.

It’s unclear exactly what Professor Mark Bird, 69, thought his “protest” would accomplish in American politics.

Bird, who shot himself with a .22 pistol in the arm in a campus bathroom, did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Bird was later found stumbling outside the bathroom, bleeding profusely, and was brought to the hospital.

Inside the bathroom, police found a $100 bill taped to the mirror with a note that said, “For the janitor,” along with a .22-caliber pistol and a shell casing.

Police also wrote in their report that Bird shot himself in protest of President Trump, but did not elaborate further on Bird’s intentions.

Ironically, Bird is now facing felony charges… because, in Nevada, it’s a crime to carry a firearm on a college campus. Bird has been charges with firing a gun in a gun-free zone, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property.

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