CNN Demands Women Go On “Election Sex Strike”

Hot Woman
No Liberal women look like this... they are all obese, and have purple hair....

Vote Democrat, or you’re not getting sex.

That’s basically the idea that CNN is pushing women to tell their husbands and boyfriends.

“It’s time for a revolution,” wrote CNN columnist Wednesday Martin, on Sunday. “At the polls, and in the bedroom. And in our understanding of who women are, sexually and otherwise,” Martin writes. “Given the tight interweaving of economic and political power with sexual entitlement, female sexual autonomy has never been more urgent, and women’s sexual pleasure has never been more political. Let’s consider what it might mean to go on a sex strike of sorts — to get what we want, rather than give what we think we owe others.”

Martin also sounded a warning to Republican women, or women who support Trump–basically, calling them complicit.

“Some women under the current administration may be fine with this paradigm, but they are fundamentally yoked to male desires and agendas, never to exist outside or without them,” she says. “This basic and deeply personal form of degradation, in which even women’s desires aren’t our own, both reinforces and reflects a hierarchy where men matter more.”

Considering Martin’s article came just two days before the 2018 election, it’s unclear how much impact a “strike” is going to have.