Clowns At National Review Show Desperation Over Trump

National Review

During the Nevada Caucus last night and after, reporters for the anti-Trump, fair-weather-conservative magazine, The National Review, went full retard.

Here’s Elaina Plott, a reporter for the “Against Trump” publication:

Elaina Plott failed to mention that volunteers were permitted to wear candidate attire, buttons, hats, and kazoos according to the Nevada GOP. So the reporter had to find something else to complain about:

Another reporter for the National Irrelevance, Alexis Levinson, was obviously offended that no one was there to hold her hand and walk her to a green room for tea and M&M’s:

Alexis’ complaint is a prime example of the elitist privilege that establishment reporters expect.

Not to be outdone by their boots-on-the-ground reporters in Nevada, the publication’s senior editor, Jonah Goldberg, jumped the shark by writing a column suggesting that a “Rubio-Cruz” ticket is the only way to stop Trump.

Poor Jonah, whose mamma is the well-connected literary agent, Lucianne Goldberg (and a likely reason Jonah landed a job at The National Review at the age of 28 despite having few credentials), started his column in a near fit:

As things stand, Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. That’s awful news, and depressing to contemplate.

The privileged Jonah went on to blame Ted Cruz for Trump’s rise as he failed to attack him early in the process.

But the brain-child of Lucianne offered this suggestion, “If the two factions [Rubio and Cruz] – which make up the overwhelming majority of Republican voters – could be unified, it might be enough to stop Trump.

Jonah fails to realize that with the results of last night’s Caucus, even by combining the vote totals of Cruz and Rubio – and assuming zero loss to Trump – the idea could STILL not beat Trump.

Additionally, either Rubio or Cruz (Goldberg recommends Cruz) would have to drop first. As America experienced last night, voters would still peel off to Trump once a candidate folds their race . . . now proven with Bush.

That would leave Rubio even more vulnerable to Trump and would guarantee his victory.

Goldberg’s whining and the rest of the National Review’s establishment writers’ pitiful screams are too little too late. If these establishment hacks had shown a spine in opposing the GOP establishment, there would be a slight chance that the nation would not be in such an “angry” mood and willing to cast a vote for anybody-but-a-politician.

Goldberg and his crew are partially responsible for creating this opportunity for Donald Trump and now pitch a fit over his presumptive victory over the GOP field, while offering no solutions to save the nation.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.