Chuck Schumer: NYC Cops Should Stop Guarding The Trump Family


The Senate minority leader Sen. Chuck Shumer urged the New York City Police Department to stop protecting President Trump’s family; if the federal government doesn’t fund the expenses incurred while the police protects President Trump’s family.

“[Mayor Bill de Blasio] ought to tell the Congress if we don’t pay for it, New York City cops aren’t guarding it, and let the Feds put more people in.”

“… That’s what I think he should do.”

The Washington Examiner reports indicate that between the Election Day and when President Trump was inaugurated in January, New York City has spent $24 million on security for the Trump Tower. The security costs have continued to remain very high ever since the inauguration, as first lady Melania Trump and their son Baron Trump has continued to live in their New York City accommodation and shall continue to; until Baron completes his school year.

In his interview, Sen. Shumer went on and called President Trump a “huge disappointment to most Americans.” He claimed that President Trump doesn’t have any interest and has not shown a single sign of cooperation to implement bipartisan reforms.

“When I talk to him, I try to talk to him about serious issues and he just changes the subject,” Schumer said.

“I told him we want to work with him where we can work with him, we want to work with him on a big infrastructure bill—America needs to rebuild its infrastructure, haven’t gotten anywhere with him. I told him on North Korea, the way to deal with North Korea is to get China to be much tougher and to get China to be tougher is for us to be tougher with China on trade. Nothing. He listens to what I have to say on the important subject of the day and then he talks about what he wants to talk about.”

In addition to being Trumps biggest opened, Sen. Schumer has recently been seen telling MSNBC that Trump’s first hundred days in the office are no less than “100 days of broken promises to the working people.”

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