Chinagate is one of the most serious scandals in U.S. history, and it of course, involves the Clintons.

Chinagate was the attempt of the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign to sell seats on U.S. trade missions in exchange for millions of dollars in re-election funds and donations to the Democratic National Committee.

The profit margin would be 100%, considering that those missions are funded by tax dollars. The investigation was difficult, considering that the Clinton camp falsified records, committed perjury, and sought to deliberately delay court proceedings. The Commerce Secretary at the time, Ron Brown, even said that the entire idea was Hillary’s idea.

Selling the seats to the highest bidder cost the U.S. more than tax money. The connections made through the scheme ended up advancing China’s missile program, a giant threat to national security. The investigation and court proceedings were not concluded until 2006, costing the taxpayers even more money than the original seats.